I feel strongly about maintaining a community with conservative values, and a safe town with great schools.  I support our Police and Fire Departments and feel that Public Safety should be one of our highest priorities for our town.  However, a quality education which has local input has risen to be as equally as an important issue and I will fight to do whatever it takes so that Collierville Municipal Schools become a reality.  I am proud to be one of five people on the board of Mayor and Aldermen (BMA) that has voted each and every time in favor of Collierville Schools.  I recognize that the education of our children and grand children is not a cost, but rather an investment into the future of our town.

Having served on the various local committees and commissions over the past twenty years, I have an excellent working knowledge of the town's financial operations and I will promote a balanced budget, and I will also promote the town of Collierville being friendly toward small businesses.  I realize that by supporting and encouraging the growth of small businesses, it will allow the town to diversify its revenue base, by not relying as heavily upon residential property taxes.

When I ran for Alderman, I made a promise to keep the water and sewer fees from increasing.  I have made the motion and have obtained a halt to the water and sewer rates that were proposed by the current administration to be increased each year for ten years.  I have led the town (one of three Aldermen) by voting and obtaining water development fees for new construction from a neighboring town that buys our water to offset the infrastructure cost that our citizens have paid and continue to pay each month.  I have also fought and was able to reduce free sewer to a large corporate citizen in Collierville that was receiving a 50% discounted rate for sewer,  This has been lowered to a 25% discounted rate, and I will continue to fight to lower your water bill.  As Mayor, I will attempt to reduce by half of the two million dollars ($2,000,000) of chargebacks that the current administration charges each year to the enterprise water and sewer fund.

When I was elected as Alderman, I also promised to fight high taxes.  I voted against the recent 22% property tax increase (one of two Aldermen).  It was originally proposed by the current Mayor and Administration to be a 25% increase with the current Mayor saying”We don't have a spending problem, we have a revenue problem".  This was followed shortly after by the Mayor proposing and breaking a tie to purchase over one million dollars ($1,000,000) in synthetic turf.  I disagreed and voted against a frivolous expenditure, at a time that we were looking at a budget deficit and a need for funding our schools I felt it was unwise and not being a good steward of the tax payer's dollar.  As Mayor, I will fight to keep your taxes low and produce cuts in unnecessary areas to help absorb the financial impact of investing in our schools.  We should only spend what is needed, and place Schools and Public Safety at the top of our priorities.

With my experience as a small business owner and twenty-six years in management with a large corporation, I bring skills which will help to make Collierville a great place to live now and for future generations.

I ask for your prayers and your vote in the upcoming election.